After looking at most graphic viewers, I decided on Makaha for it's rich features and the ability to create instant slide shows. And the graphic file compression and conversion lets me have the best quality at the smallest size possible for my web site.
- Ethan Brice -

EZV Video Capture was just what I needed to get those special pictures from my family videos. Thank you!
- Cindy Thompson -

   Awards & Reviews

Makaha is literally one of the best programs I have ever dealt with in terms of pictures of any sort. The quality of the picture when using it for resizing is absolutely amazing. I have seen excellent artwork from friends done with this program as well. Always best to support a smaller technology group who seems to be ahead of their time by a step or two.
- Andrew Strasser -

The Sitter

For Parents Peace of Mind!
            100% FREE!

The Sitter Do you want to leave your sitter alone with your kids, and feel better about their safety, and their daily routine?

The Sitter, will hear your voice commands, and dial any emergency phone number for you. Tells the sitter how to prepare their meals, when to go to bed, and what neighbors are allowed over.

The Sitter, will also keep track of the hours your sitter works, and totals the time for you. The Sitter, lets you feel a lot more comfortable leaving your kids at home.

If you are a working parent you will know how stressful it can be trying to juggle work and looking after your children. You need whatever you can get to make life easier for yourself, so that might include ready-made meals, O2 broadband packages and of course a baby sitter. If you have a baby sitter though, we would really recommend you getting The Sitter, it's the must have for any busy parent.

2.1mb v2.0
FREE for all parents!

For Windows 98,ME,2000,XP

For other free babysitter software ... look here. Babysitter

   Files are virus free, and NO spyware is included in any software!

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The Sitter Features

The Sitter, was made to ease parents worries about leaving your children with a babysitter. Even if you completely trust your babysitter, the information available will make it even more relaxing knowing all the important information needed is displayed in one place for your babysitter to view.

  • Use Voice Commands to activate The Sitter
  • The Sitter will use human speech to tell you phone numbers
  • If you have Telephony (comes with XP) The Sitter will dial the number for you
  • A Password can be used to keep info private
  • Option to keep The Sitter the TOP window
  • Keep a list of all your babysitter's
  • Keep track of hours and give total amounts per sitter
  • Use a timer for exact time spent away from home
  • Can be used for emergency calling with voice commands
  • Displays all important information for your babysitter

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