After looking at most graphic viewers, I decided on Makaha for it's rich features and the ability to create instant slide shows. And the graphic file compression and conversion lets me have the best quality at the smallest size possible for my web site.
- Ethan Brice -

EZV Video Capture was just what I needed to get those special pictures from my family videos. Thank you!
- Cindy Thompson -

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Makaha is literally one of the best programs I have ever dealt with in terms of pictures of any sort. The quality of the picture when using it for resizing is absolutely amazing. I have seen excellent artwork from friends done with this program as well. Always best to support a smaller technology group who seems to be ahead of their time by a step or two.
- Andrew Strasser -

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Needed for some of the free software.

  • Runtime Module ...Get VBRUN300.DLL (16-bit) runtime. - The Viewer Pro!

  • Runtime Module ...Get MSVBVM50.DLL (32-bit) runtime. - Some FREE programs

  • Runtime Module ...Get MSVBVM60.DLL (32-bit) runtime. - Makaha v5.0 and some free programs

    After you've downloaded the file, unzip it (get WinZip for this),
    then copy the file to the C:\Windows\System   folder.

    Voices for Babble MP3
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    Engine Size

    American English

    Download I.0 MB
    British English Download 2.5 MB
    Dutch Download 2.6 MB
    French Download 2.2 MB
    German Download 2.2 MB
    Italian Download 2.0 MB
    Japanese Download 3.0 MB
    Korean Download 3.0 MB
    Portuguese (Brazilian) Download 2.4 MB
    Russian Download 2.9 MB
    Spanish Download 2.4 MB

    Just download the engine, and install the file you downloaded by double clicking on it. If you have NO voices installed yet, you will need this small file as well Free Speech Engine 844k
    After download, just click on to install.

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